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--------- BA, DMD

Outdoor Enthusiast. Passionate Learner. Lifelong Wellness Chaser.

Advocate for Mind-Body-Breath Connection. Emporium of Ideas + Curiosity.

Board Game Fanatic. Found Harmonium Band Member. Dentist.

Orofacial Myologist.

"Cultivating the natural genetic potential of human form feels a lot like organic farming." Dr. Hilary Pada
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Three decades ago, Dr. Hilary Pada was inspired to pursue a career in dentistry. While shadowing other dentists, she saw people, young and old, and recognized they were not just a mouth but a human being, body, and mind. Dentistry would become the unique balance of her talents and passions, her love of the fine details needed for the technical aspects of dentistry, as well as the interpersonal aspects of each day. 

In 2000, Hilary graduated from the University of British Columbia Dental School. Her interest in Hospital, Emergency, and Complex Medical-Dental care motivated her to pursue the UBC-VGH General Dental Residency. Dr. Pada’s exposure to Oral Oncology piqued her interest, and brought her home to work at BCCancer in Kelowna. 

For over two decades, Dr. Pada has served patients in private practice dentistry, as well as BCCancer. In 2003, she began post-graduate studies at the Kois Center Evidence Based Teaching Center. Dr. Hilary Pada furthered her commitment to learning and teaching by attaining Kois Mentor status in 2013. In 2018, she embarked on a new journey in Myofunctional Care and Integrative Oral Medicine. Dr. Pada began to see how airway restrictions and an unhealthy microbiome interconnected many conditions affecting our population. She has come to realize that a Myofunctional Care approach can redirect the trajectory of wellness and the natural genetic potential of all life forms. With her prior knowledge and experience in dentistry, Dr. Hilary Pada assembled a team of dedicated health professionals. Their combined passion for reaching the potential of optimal health, symmetry, and function became the catalyst for CO₂llaborative Care + Research.