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what treatment may look like for your little one

We are continually amazed by the examples of what patients reveal or show as their care progresses. We have seen elimination of “tic” behaviour and improvement of other seemingly unconnected brain functions as we work with the ALF appliance. This is why we believe...
breath forms life forms

Journey to Wellness: Finding Relief Through ALF Appliance

7-year-old boy. Unable to breastfeed, speech sound issues, “far back lower jaw” observed by family, focus and attention issues, and handwriting difficulties. Crooked and crowded teeth, spaces too small for adult teeth to erupt.  

patient case study

Chin Straining

Can you see the adapted strain in chin for swallowing and lower lip curled under?Many patients who are struggling with orofacial disfunction may have a similar experience when swallowing.

Tongue Tie + OMD

A tongue tie occurs when the thin membrane under the little one's tongue (the lingual frenulum) restricts the movement of the tongue. Tongue tie, medically known as Ankyloglossia, is simply a congenital oral anomaly caused by an unusually thick, or unusually short, lingual frenulum. 


His tongue tie is tricky to see, as the entire floor of mouth is lifted to accommodate for the tightness, and so are the bottom four front teeth in response to this firm pull. There is a deep midline pull in center of tongue attached to midline fascia. This tension is related to his tongue tie and has caused a narrow vaulted palate where tongue has not rested and his teeth are malaligned. 



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